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Artaria Editions was founded in 1995 to bring the music of the Viennese eighteenth century back to life. The beautiful and fascinating repertoire from the age of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven enlarges our concept of the period and performers will welcome these new ideas from the Classical era that will appeal to audiences looking for something new but familiar.

Artaria's publications are changing fundamental perceptions about music of the late eighteenth century, particularly due to our work with Naxos, the world's leading classical music label. For the first time in centuries, it is possible to read the score and hear the music that influenced the greatest composers of the era. From being relegated to the footnotes of music history, music by composers such as Beck, Dussek, Hofmann, and Wanhal is now returning to the air. Performances of Artaria editions increase yearly.

Leading Classical scholars have prepared practical editions of the most important works of the era and you can purchase scores, parts, and recordings from this website.


***New Recordings

Beck Symphonies, Vols. 3 & 4

We are happy to announce a release of 2 volumes of Beck symphonies albums. Volume 3 included the first three symphonies of Op.4, and the symphony in D Major Op.3, No.6; while Volume 4 included the last three symphonies of Op.4, and Op.3, No.5. Physical copies of the albums can be purchased from our website along with the scores. Digital download is also available from Classics Online


Devienne Flute Concertos, Nos. 1-4

The first volume of Flute Concerto Nos. 1-4 from François Devienne has been released in November 2014. François Devienne was the founder of the French flute school and is one of the most important composers of wind music in the second half of 18th century. The works in this album are performed by internationally acclaimed flutist and conductor Patrick Gallois with the Swedish Chamber Orchestra.

The key release kit for this recording can be downloaded here.


Selected New Publications

Shield, William (1748-1829)
'Ode to Captain Cook' from Omai, or a Trip Round the World (AE508)

Edited by Robert Hoskins, orchestrated by David Vine
US$165.00 (Performing material available for hire)
ISBN: 1-877369-80-2/
ISMN: M-67451-246-6

When news of the violent death of Captain James Cook finally reached England in January 1780 it created a sensation. Cook’s earlier voyages of discovery had stimulated a huge interest in the exotic world of the Pacific, and Mai, the young Ra’iatean who arrived in London in 1774 with Tobias Furneaux, became one of the most celebrated figures in London during the two years he spent there. At Christmas 1785, several years after Mai’s return to the Society islands and Cook’s death in Hawaii, Covent Garden staged a new pantomime entertainment entitled Omai, or, A Trip Round the World. By celebrating Mai in mimed action and song, this work fed the public fascination with the primitive past – its rituals, artifacts and crafts – while managing to portray the death of Cook with a theatrical sense of symbolism. William Shield’s score was remarkable for including Polynesian instruments which had been brought back to England by Lieutenant James Burney, one of Furneaux’s officers and the son of the distinguished music historian Dr Charles Burney. Although the original orchestral parts have not survived, Robert Hoskins and David Vine have cleverly reconstructed the core of the work from the vocal score along with the closing apotheosis of Captain Cook. The edition is prefaced by a fascinating introduction to the work by Robert Hoskins, the leading authority on William Shield.

Ries, Ferdinand (1784-1838)

Introduction et Rondeau brilliant, Op.144 (AE506 & AE506/SE)
Edited by Allan Badley
US$120.00 (Performing material available for hire)
ISBN: 978-1-927163-13-9
ISMN: 979-0-67451-278-7

The fourteen works for piano and orchestra of Ferdinand Ries stand alongside those of Hummel as the most important of their kind from the early decades of the 19th Century. Intensely lyrical and yet displaying at times a rugged Beethovenian grandeur, Ries’s concertos are works of impressive musical stature.  In the Introduction et Rondeau brilliant, Op.144 Ries demonstrates yet again his ability to write attractive, entertaining works that are as sophisticated in their musical structures as his finest concertos. The work is also available in study editions for two pianos.


Catalogue 2014

Artaria Editions is very pleased to announce the publication of its 2014 catalogue.You can download a copy of our latest version of the catalogue in PDF format by clicking here

New and important additions have been made to a number of series, most notably those devoted to sacred music and chamber music. Artaria has also extended its musical frontiers into the early 19th century with the publication of two magnificent piano concertos by Ferdinand Ries, the first works in a projected edition of the complete works for piano and orchestra. The final two works - The concerto in E-flat, Op.177 and the Introduction et Rondeau brillant, Op.144 will be published by the second quartet of the year. These works will also be available in Study Editions for piano duet.


*** Catalogue 2015 will be available soon. Stay tuned!

Segment Catalogues

Artaria has also published a series of segment catalogues. You may download a copy via the links below:


Digital Downloads Now Available

Our website has accommodated an exciting new feature -  Full Score for all of our titles are available in PDF format at 25% price reduction of the hard copy price.  Parts for Chamber Music items are also available for instant download.


Recording News

Conductor Michael Halasz recorded nine of the overtures by Dominico Cimarosa with Pardubice Chamber Philharmonic the last week of October 2014. The material for these nine overtures is prepared by Cimarosa scholar Simone Perugini, who also edited the Cimarosa opera L'Impresario in Angustie for Artaria Editions. The sheet music for these overtures will be available at a later time and will be an invaluable addition to the 30 Cimarosa overtures that are already in our catalogue.
Recordings of Devienne Flute Concerto Nos. 5-12 has also taken place in Sweden with Patrick Gallois and Swedish Chamber Orchestra in mid January 2015.